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We are a group of professionals who strive to bring various IoT solutions in each aspect of the modern life.

We strongly believe that IoT ever-changing set of technologies offers the humankind a new era of billions little autonomous helpers these will allow people to eliminate routine, often, physically hard and stressful work and, instead, stay focused on an upper level smart control, management and analytics, freeing their time and power for the new scientific inventions, artistic masterpieces, cultural initiatives, environment protection and restoration projects, education and personal health and growth.

Being a domain expert, we are happy to share our knowledge. In the same time - we are very agile and vibrant company and always carefully listen to our customers when they ask us questions about new technology, explain their business cases and processes, share their ideas and opinions. Such approach allows us deeper understand the market and offer better, precise solutions in sometimes time or budgetary restrictive projects, keeping the quality of deliverables on a desired high level.

In our everyday practice we rigorously follow the path of innovations, robust certified implementations and continues improvements. But not these alone - we also know that nothing can substitute business reliability, technical and financial discipline, friendly “round table” discussions with our partners and customers - and that’s why we refer to these principles as to our philosophy.

Each and every project we do - we do it in a close collaboration with our clients. We prize such effort as a moment of pure creativity and when the happy customer takes our product "home" - we proudly say each other: “We are IOTing the world together”!

Customized Platform

   The variety and complexity of the IoT nodes is growing. Helping customers in their integration projects we offer on demand customized platform that seamlessly brings all those sensors and actuators together and makes them Internet countable, controllable and readable.
Our solutions are cost effective and flexible but still are based on industry standard, worldwide certified hardware modules and well known reliable software toolsets and products.

Cloud Programming

   One of the most impressive parts of the IoT paradigm is its readiness to provide a ubiquitous access to any of its hardware components.  This particular “unite them all” piece of IoT sits in a Cloud. Our experts are capable to  meet any customer’s requirements in this field and provide  a highly reliable, secure Cloud solution  with manageable modular access.

Nerpa's Cloud approach allows easy deployment on MS Azure, Google and Amazon Clouds as well as on customer’s in-house hardware structure.

Modular Control Panel

   Our modular Cloud-based dashboard is designed upon customers’ vision, in both functional and look-and-feel terms, and allows full and intuitive control and monitoring of customer systems. It is accessible from any stationary or mobile device (PC, tablet, mobile phone).

Different permissions and authorization levels allow access to both administrative and operator’s roles while preserving sensitive / irrelevant data hidden from any non-authorized peeking.


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Our projects at a glance. This will show different fields of our involvement in areas of development and producing of both industrial and household grade systems.

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Smart Home Controller
Smart Home hub to control home appliance via Internet, without building new infrastructures.
Optical Head
Miniature Optical Head for remote mobile scanning application, with self-illumination and simple controller I/F.
Interactive Insole
Self powered smart insole, allows monitoring sportsman activities and wireless data exchange with coach Cloud.
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Interactive Insole

Self powered smart insole, allows monitoring sportsman activities and wireless data exchange with coach Cloud.